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Projects Information

Information Gathering

In order to gather as much information as possible about current and recent international outreach activities a survey was carried out in the early days of the Archival Solidarity Project.

In July 2002 a letter of request for information was prepared in English, French, and Spanish.  A Russian copy was also prepared for circulation to Eastern Europe.   On July 7, 2002 postings were made to all known archival listserves with a request to circulate as appropriate.   The postings were in English, French, and Spanish.    In addition, hard copy letters (66) were mailed in July 2002 to all SPA members and to all ICA Regional directors using mailing labels supplied by the ICA office.   The letters were sent in the appropriate language(s).   A follow-up posting and mailing was done in March 2003.   Extensive follow-up was done with respondents by e-mail or telephone to collect supplemental information where this was required.

A follow-up letter was sent to all respondents in May 2006.


Projects Database

The Archival Solidarity Committee of the ICA has collected and compiled into a database significant information about archival international outreach projects that we received from our survey. We update the information about projects already in the database and add new projects as the information becomes available.

We welcome information about any projects for which you may have information or updates.   Please send the information or an inquiry to:

Nancy Marrelli
Chair, Archival Solidarity Committee

Updated: March 17, 2012 (PP).