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This section of the Archival Solidarity website contains information and resources for funding of international projects for development and cooperation.

The Archival Solidarity Committee of the ICA began in 2008 to collect and compile into a Funding Database information about funding agencies that might be appropriate sources for funding international archival outreach projects.   We will continue to work on this database and add information to it and will do our best to keep it up to date.   We hope this information will help you find sources of financing for your projects. 

The database is available only in English, although information is sometimes available in the database in other languages and there are links to web sites in many languages. 

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We welcome information about updates, further details, or any other funding sources for which you may have information.    Please send the information to:

Nancy Marrelli
Chair, Archival Solidarity Committee

Updated: March 17, 2012 (PP).